Galt Electric G300 Series Inverters

Galt Electric G300 Series Inverter

The G300 series is a high performance and high precision VFD compatible with asynchronous and permanent magnet synchronous motors. The G300 series provides wide voltage ranges and several different methods (MODBUS, PROFIBUS, CAN, and ethernet) to communicate with the VFD. The G300 relies upon a 32-bit DSP and utilizes an advanced vector control alogrithm to provide a high performance and high precision motor control. It can also be used with the GRKP300LCD Keypad for a more diverse set up.

  • Air-cooling technology implemented
  • Outstanding Motor Driving Performance (1:200 speed ratio)
  • Accurate parametric auto tuning of motor
  • Compatible with a range of different motors
  • External keypad used to change input/output settings easily
  • Runs 20% smoother and quieter compared with a common VFD QR Code
  • Display for Additional Parameter Information and Fault Troubleshooting
  • High performance open or closed-loop sensorless vector control
  • Accurate static and rotating autotuning
  • DC injection, dynamic, flux, and short-circuit braking
  • Built-in EMC filter
  • Detachable LED keypad with upgrade option (LCD keypad) available
  • Integrated PID controller 8 digital inputs, 2 open-collector outputs; 2 relay outputs, 2 form C
  • relay outputs; 3 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs