VFD Rentals

Rental VFDs can be a useful tool for bridging the gap in your more permanent motor control solutions. We've seen that VFD rentals an be particularly useful in situations like:

  • Running a site that will not operate permanently
  • Testing motor or pump equipment that will later have VFDs
  • Trying VFDs to determine actual energy savings or other benefits
  • Moving some of the capital equipment purchase expense into operating budgets
  • Keeping a plant running while waiting for the permanent motor control solutions to arrive


Most of our VFD rental fleet comes enclosed in panels. These help to protect your team during setup and running, as well as protect the VFD during transportation and operation. The VFD you receive may be oversized or have components you don't necessarily need for your situation, like input/output filters. The rentals we supply are typically based on the rental inventory we have in hand. You can oversize VFDs and add extra components, but you run into problems if it's undersized or lacking components you need. We'll match you to the units we have that best meet your needs.

We receive many questions about whether a rental is the right VFD for your situation. Timeframe is the main factor in deciding. You're typically going to pay for at least a month as a minimum because the time frame is portal-to-portal, or from the day it leaves our facility to the day it returns. If you're planning to rent for longer than 6 months, it's likely more cost-effective to purchase a VFD.

If you decide that a VFD rental is right for you, you still want to work through sizing it, inspecting it, and all other steps as if you were buying a new VFD. You can check out resources we have on how to size a VFD, how to maintain a VFD, and how to inspect a rental VFD in our learning center, along with explanations of how VFDs work.

While we typically try to rent out of the stock we have on hand, if you need something custom or not in stock, we can build panels to meet your rental needs through our UL508A panel shop. The more advance notice you have, the better the option we can typically find for you.

If you think that a VFD rental is the right fit for you, fill out the form below or reach out to one of our experts to learn more!

All rentals are subject to lease agreement with credit approval prior to rental period. VFDs.com has the right to refuse rental to customers where environmental conditions may be considered detrimental to VFD.