650HP 460V Mitsubishi F800E VFD, Inverter, AC Drive FR-F842-08660-E3U6+FR-CC2-H400K-60 (FR-F842-08660-E3U6+FR-CC2-H400K-60)

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  • Optimum excitation control for reducing energy consumption - We have adopted and perfected optimum excitation control to ensure that the energy-saving effects are realized during constant torque as well as during the motor’s acceleration/deceleration operations
  • Ethernet Communications as Standard - Communicate with Modbus TCP/IP or CC-Link IE Field Basic communications networks at a speed of 100Mbps without the need for an extra option card.
  • Automatic IP Address Detection - Automatically detect the IP address of all connected drives, quickly enabling connection and programming using FR-Configurator2 software.
  • Remote Operation - Communicate with a drive remotely for commissioning, monitoring or troubleshooting anytime from anywhere.
  • CC-Link IE Field Network Basic - Fast and dependable connection to Mitsubishi Electric PLCs, servos, and robots through the CC-Link IE Field basic system for a complete factory solution.
  • Multiple Protocol Capability - Network option cards offer connection to other drive based networks and a higher level information system.
  • Drive to Drive Communications - Utilize the internal PLC to communicate without a master PLC controller allowing the drives to work together as a team.
  • Reduced Cost - Standard Ethernet connectivity without add-on modules.
  • Notes
    * Drive Sizes up to 40HP
    ** Requires the use of the FR-LU08 keypad

    Technical Specifications

    Product Condition:
    1 Year
    HP Rating @ 120% OL:
    650 HP
    Amp Rating @ 120% OL:
    770 A
    Output Voltage:
    460 V
    Output Amperage Rating:
    770 A
    Phase Rating:
    3 Phase Input - 3 Phase Output
    Constant Torque / Variable Torque:
    Variable Torque
    Three Phase
    Frame Size:
    Horsepower Rating:
    650 HP
    Rated Amps:
    770 A
    Rated Voltage:
    460 V
    Rated Input Frequency:
    60 Hz
    Enclosure Rating:
    IP 00

    Product Information

    MITSUBISHI F800E Series

    ***This unit must be paired with a FR-CC2 module unit to function!


    P frame: (H) 52.4" (W) 21.3" (D) 17.3"

    Q frame: (H) 62.2" (W) 26.8" (D) 17.3"

    R frame: (H) 52.4" (W) 23.6" (D) 17.3"

    S frame: (H) 62.2" (W) 23.6" (D) 17.3"

    **FR-F800-E Series Drives Have Removed RS485 Terminals**

    FR-F800-E Series with Built-in Ethernet Communication

    The FR-F800-E is a pump and fan control VFD that combines performance, accuracy and reliability with embedded Ethernet based communications to enhance overall system flexibility. With 100Mbps Ethernet TCP/IP and BACnet/IP connectivity as the standard, the FR-F800-E provides an increased ability for remote system monitoring, parameter adjustments and easy integration into existing network environments.