The Guarantee

Your wants, needs, and goals are the core focus at Products like VFDs, motors, and panels are tools that help your system to succeed. Our goal is to be your guide as you move through the process to find the right tools for your individual situation. Our customers receive the best solutions when we do this through the 5 steps of our Proven Process.

Needs Discovery

Whether by phone, chat, or email, we want to make sure that we understand your needs. Not only do we want to learn about technical requirements, we want to discuss the outcome you’re looking for. What process are you trying to run and why does it matter to you? What are the issues you’ve encountered now and in the past? What keeps you up at night worrying about this system?

Value Analysis

After we understand your needs, we identify areas where can help improve your processes. This could be increasing reliability, gaining energy efficiency, increasing safety, or providing performance improvements. We analyze any cost saving opportunities that may apply to your situation.

Collaborative Solutions with Options

After we have analyzed your needs and what value we can offer, you’ll see what solutions we can provide. We explain what the products or services and how they will best meet your goals. The solutions we offer are technical, so we seek to educate and make sure you understand what we’re suggesting. Where possible, we offer options to help you make the choice that most aligns with what you want to accomplish.

Ship VFD or Custom Solution

Once you understand your options and know what would work best for you, we just need a yes to start delivering. Whether it’s an in-stock product or a customer panel, we communicate lead times, shipping information, and other relevant information. This helps you to plan an installation that works best for you. If you need, we can also support your installation or start-up.

Review. Adjust.

Because we care about your success, we don’t want to ship the product and be done. Your continued success is important to us, which is why we periodically follow up to make sure that the solution that was provided is still effectively solving your problems or if other processes also need attention. If changes need to be made, we’re eager to adjust the solutions or repeat the process as necessary.

Our Promise is committed to providing you the highest value for your money by offering everyday low prices. We have technical experts ready to talk, email, or chat about your system and needs. We also stock large quantities of multiple brands at multiple locations. If you see a better price, lead time, or offer on a product somewhere else, let us know and we’ll do our best to match it.

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