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3500HP 4160V TMEIC Dura-Bilt5i MV Medium Voltage VFD, Inverter, AC Drive (Dura-Bilt5i-4160V-3500HP)

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  • Compact design
  • Control System Toolbox configuration with tuneup wizards, trending, and simulator
  • Graphic keypad with drive control
  • Integral medium voltage disconnect option
  • Inverter power modules with medium voltage IGBTs
  • 24-pulse ac to dc diode converter
  • Heat pipe air-cooled inverter (Frame 2 and above)
  • Multilevel output voltage waveform
  • Sensorless vector control
  • Roll-out inverter power modules
  • Copper wound transformer included as standard
  • Transformer electrostatic shield and lightning arrestors included as standard

Technical Specifications

Product Condition:
Horsepower Rating:
3500 HP
HP Rating @ 110% OL:
3500 HP
Rated Amps:
434 A
Amp Rating @ 110% OL:
434 A
Rated Voltage:
4160 V
Output Voltage:
4160 V
Output Amperage Rating:
434 A
Phase Rating:
3 Phase Input - 3 Phase Output
Three Phase
Enclosure Rating:
UL Type 1
Dura-Bilt5i MV
104.00 in
174.00 in
50.00 in

Product Information

TMEIC Dura-Bilt5i MV Series

The Dura-Bilt5i MV series of medium voltage ac drives provides straightforward operation in a rugged and compact design, offering an effective cost-saving option for a wide range of applications.

The Dura-Bilt5i MV delivers value through low cost of ownership and high reliability.

TMEIC Dura-Bilt5i Medium Voltage VFD

Up to 4160 VAC, 10,000 HP

The\n Dura-Bilt5i MV series of medium-voltage AC-fed drives delivers reliable\n operation in a robust and compact design, providing a cost-effective \nsolution for a broad range of applications. The Dura-Bilt5i MV delivers \nvalue through low cost of ownership and high reliability.


The versatile Dura-Bilt5i MV drive can be used in a wide variety of non-regenerative applications, including:

  • Fans and other high inertia variable torque loads
  • High starting torque loads such as cement kilns, extruders, and mixers
  • Conveyors
  • Pipeline and process compressors
  • Pumps of all sorts
  • Motor starting with synchronizing to the utility

The\n Dura-Bilt5i MV is a fully digital voltage source Pulse Width Modulated \n(PWM) Medium-Voltage (MV) drive with a compact and compartmentalized \nair-cooled design to optimize equipment segregation, cooling, and \nmaintenance.

Power Levels & Motors

The DB5i is compatible with new or existing induction or synchronous motors from 200 to 10,000 HP, and from 2300 to 4160 volts.


  • Only front equipment access is needed, simplifying installation.
  • Innovative\n but proven heat-pipe cooling in larger frame sizes provides \nwater-cooled performance with air-cooled simplicity, from 0 to 40 C, 50 C\n with derating.
  • An integral incoming fused disconnect can be included without increasing the footprint.
  • A\n cool-operating copper-wound drive isolation transformer is included \nwithin the compact enclosure. Multiple windings provide harmonic \ncancellation.

Power System and Motor Friendly

The\n drive AC to DC converter uses a 24-pulse diode rectifier, giving \npower-system-friendly operation that is better than IEEE 519 harmonic \nguidelines.

Interfaces and Controls

  • Uses the TMEIC family common control platform, including PP7 microprocessor, control I/O, and the TMEIC TMdrive-Navigator
  • The\n Dura-Bilt5i MV\'s advanced user interface, and system features provide \nfast startups, easy monitoring of operation, and close match of drive to\n application.

Series Designations

The Dura-Bilt5i MV product has a series designation appropriate for the outgoing motor voltage:

  • 2000 Series: 2000-2400 V ac, 200-3000 HP
  • 4000 Series: 4000-4200 V ac, 400-7000 HP
  • A dual bank drive for 4000 series provides up to 10,000 HP