200HP 480V Yaskawa Z1000 VFD, Inverter, AC Drive CIMR-ZU4A0240FAA (CIMR-ZU4A0240FAA)

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Technical Specifications

Product Condition:
Horsepower Rating:
200 HP
HP Rating @ 110% OL:
200 HP
Rated Amps:
240 A
Amp Rating @ 110% OL:
240 A
Rated Voltage:
460 V
Output Voltage:
460 V
Output Amperage Rating:
240 A
Phase Rating:
3 Phase Input - 3 Phase Output
Enclosure Rating:
UL Type 1
30.50 in
13.40 in
15.70 in

Product Information

YASKAWA Z1000 Series

The Z1000 variable speed drive is designed for building automation applications such as fans, pumps, and cooling towers through 500HP. The Z1000 features an easy-to-read LCD keypad that provides Hand-Off-Auto interface and a real time clock. These features make the Z1000 perfect for many building automation applications that require reliable motor control.

Standard Features

Harmonic Mitigation:

  • Built-in 5% line impedance for input harmonic reduction.

Noise Filter:

  • On board EMI/RFI filter complies with IEC 61800-3 restricted distribution for first environment.

Serial Communications:

  • Embedded BACnet communications (BTL Certified), along with Modbus/Memobus, Metasys and Apogee FLN.


  • Plenum Rated (UL 1995). Seismic Rated (IBC 2006 - Certification 12/2011). Made with RoHS compliant materials.

Internal Real-Time Clock:

  • Time and date stamping for events, along with timer controls for starting, stopping, and speed changes without the need for external controls.

PI Feature:

  • Maintains a set point for closed loop control of fans and pumps for pressure, flow or temperature regulation and eliminates the need for a closed loop output signal from a BAS. Independent PI to control an external device in the system.

LCD Operator:

  • 5-Line 16 character alpha-numeric, easy to read and understand display, with Hand-Off-Auto functions.

Carrier Frequency:

  • 5 kHz carrier frequency with dynamic noise control for quiet motor operation.

Application Macros:

  • Choose from pre-configured set up macros to match the application for quick and easy set up.

Sealed Heatsink:

  • Allows for drive to be mounted in a NEMA 12 enclosure with heatsink external.


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