Mitsubishi A800 Series Inverters

Misubishi A800 Series Drives

Mitsubishi A800 Series Inverter/VFD

The all new Mitsubishi A800 Series VFD is designed for unparalleled drive precision, speed control, powerful startup, and versatility. Mitsubishi Electric focused its massive technological capabilities to develop a new generation of technologies far beyond your wildest expectations. Experience the remarkable A800.

Key Features

  • IP21 and IP55 enclosure options available
  • Built in RS-485 communication, most major communications protocols are supported
  • 24VDC control circuit power supply
  • Partitioned inverter/converter design for optimal solutions
  • Real sensorless vector control ensures faster response
  • Advanced magnetic flux vector control or V/F control
  • Optimum excitation control improves motor efficiency
  • IPM motors reduce energy consumption