Where to Buy a VFD

By Yin on 11th Dec 2014

Where to Buy a VFD / AC Drive?

At VFDs.com we carry a comprehensive range of AC and DC drives, medium voltage drives, motor control drive systems, soft starters, and drive accessories. We are constantly adding new product lines to our list of inventory. With over 2,000 drives in stock ready to ship, our team is committed to deliver the drive you need to get the job done.

Why Buy from VFDs.com?

  • Extensive inventory – We stock over 2,000 drives on the shelf, ready to ship the same day (free shipping on orders over $50).We strive to deliver your order as fast as possible, to the extent that we've even driven to UPS to drop off packages after office hours.
  • Customer Service – Our sales team has experience with a wide range of applications and drive capabilities. They also work closely with our application, design, and field engineering teams to answer your questions as thoroughly as possible.
  • Technical support – You receive 24/7 technical support from our expert engineers who have years of experience. Support includes start-up support, trouble-shooting, equipment suggestions, and more (hourly rates may apply).
  • Product information & documentation – Access to our online catalogs, brochures, manuals, and cross brand reference.

AC Drives & DC Drives

Mitsubishi AC Drives

The Mitsubishi low voltage AC drive line currently includes: the D700, E700, F700, A700, and A800. Each series is designed with a specific purpose. Together they fulfill a wide range of needs for applications in various industries.

D700 – The D710, D720 and D740 are the direct replacement for the S500 and S500E series. The D700 series micro VFD is ideal for small operations or in-home use. They are available from:

  • (115V, 1-Phase) 0.125 to 1HP
  • (240V, 1-Phase) 0.125 to 3HP
  • (240V, 3-Phase) 0.125 to 10HP
  • (480V, 3-Phase) 0.5 to 10HP
  • IP20 enclosure

E700 – The E710W, E720, and E740 are very cost-effective variable speed control solutions for general purpose applications. The E710W is a single-phase, 115V class drive. While the E720S is a single-phase, 240V class drive. The E700 series is available in:

  • (115V, 1-Phase) 0.125 to 1HP
  • (240V, 1-Phase) 0.125 to 3HP
  • (208/230V, 3-Phase) 0.125 to 20HP
  • (460V, 3-Phase) 0.5 to 20HP
  • IP20 enclosure

F700 – The F720 and F740 VFDs are very popular choices for various industrial applications like fans and pumps. It can be wall-mounted or work as a stand-along unit. The F700 series is available in:

  • (208/230V) 0.75 to 200HP
  • (460V) 0.75 to 1000HP
  • 3-Phase
  • UL Type 1 enclosure (30 HP & below)
  • IP00 enclosure (40 HP & above)

A700 – The A720 and A740 carry Mitsubishi’s RSV technology (Real Sensorless Vector) that will give you accurate control and great flexibility. It is ideal for the most demanding of applications, including rock crushers, fans, pumps, mills, conveyor belts, lathes, and more. The A700 series is available in:

  • (240V) 0.75 to 200HP
  • (460V) 0.75 to 600HP 
  • (600V) 1 to 650HP
  • 3-Phase
  • NEMA 1 enclosure (10 HP & below)
  • UL Type 1 – Plenum rated enclosure (15 to 30 HP)
  • IP00 enclosure (40 HP & above)

A800 – The latest Mitsubishi VFD invention, designed for unparalleled drive precision, speed control, powerful startup, and versatility. Compared to the A700, the A800 series has a higher speed response, higher maximum speed, wider speed range, improved PLC, newer safety features, and many more improvements. The A800 series is available in:

  • (240V) 1 to 150HP
  • (480V) 1 to 800HP
  • 3-Phase
  • UL Type 1 enclosure (40 HP & below)
  • IP00 enclosure (50 HP & above)

Saftronics AC drives

Saftronics drives are becoming difficult to find. At VFDs.com, we still carry a large inventory of Saftronics VFDs, from micro drives to highly efficient advance industrial drives. Saftronics's field proven PWM technology, and unique software platform allow for flexibility while maintaining user-friendly programming. Search our Saftronics VFD inventory here:

Hitachi AC drives – 

Hitachi AC VFDs are equipped with several advanced features to be eco-friendly. For instance, in applications such as centrifugal pumps and fans they are designed to have reduced power consumption. The wide range of Hitachi VFDs is equipped with several advanced features that offer high level functionality as well as accuracy. The Hitachi lineup includes:

Delta AC drives

Delta Electronics, Inc. is an international company based in Taiwan. They offer multiple lines of AC drives with numerous custom control and configuration operating modes to meet specific application needs. As a newer company in the automation industry, Delta VFDs are a cost-efficient way to achieve motor control. They are available in the following series:

Emerson DC drives

 Despite the popularity of AC drives and motors today, DC SRC drives and motors are not rare in metals, cranes, and mining industries. Since DC motors are very well built and last for a long while, upgrading the DC drives to control the DC motors is often an attractive option. These modern DC drives are based on Control Techniques current AC drive technology, and provide many advantages, especially for regenerative and high power applications.

Medium Voltage Drives


TMEIC is a Toshiba and Mitsubishi joint venture. The two giants joined together to offer a family of top quality medium voltage AC drives that will meet the needs of a wide variety of industries and applications. Their current lineup is as followed:

WEG – 

WEG is a worldwide corporation in electric engineering, power and automation technology. Weg's product line includes motors, generators, transformers, and drives. A medium voltage variable speed drive MVW01 is available from 500 to 8000HP. The MVW01 consists of a multi-level structure of medium voltage IGBTs which reduces the harmonic content of motor current to extremely low values.

  • MVW01 (coming soon)

Low Voltage Soft-Starters

Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Motor Control Panels

Motor Drives International (MDI)

MDI manufactures four lines of motor control panels: SV1, FF1, F3R, and a custom panel option. On top of hundreds of stock configurations and options, you can also choose to add a wide range of components to meet the specific job requirements. For the most difficult and large scale applications, the custom panel option is an ideal option. All MDI panels are made in USA. Stock configurations are available here:

  • SV1 – (HVAC)
  • FF1 – (Fan & Pump)
  • F3R – (Outdoor Rated)
  • Custom – (Made to fulfill your specifications)

Accessories & Instruments

At VFDs.com, we also stock various instruments, meters, thermal cameras, reactors, adaptors, enclosures, and more. See our listings below or call us at 1-800-800-2261 for more information on additional products we carry.