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Custom Manufactured VFD Control Panels

Custom manufactured Variable Frequency Drive panel build-ups are available through our in-house, UL508A certified, custom manufacturing and systems integration division. Enhanced power quality filters and protection systems are custom designed and manufactured by our engineers and certified panel assemblers to meet project requirements. If you're looking to buy a custom VFD or need a Motor Control System designed for a specific application, we have the capabilities to both design and manufacture a VFD system for virtually any application. Our custom systems range in size from a single pump panel to multi-panel build-ups for large industrial applications that integrate various VFD components and accessories including switchgear, harmonic filters, PLCs, TVSS, or any other type of required components. With our systems integration & automation services, we also provide VFD system support, including trained start-up technicians, VFD system design engineers, and warranty & scheduled maintenance programs.

Standard Features and Specifications:

UL 508A Tested and Certified

Over 95% System Efficiency

Operation in up to 95% Relative Humidity

Over a 95% Power Factor Rating

Standard NEMA 1 Force Filtered Intake Ventilation Plenum

Door Interlocked Input Circuit Breaker Disconnect

Full Load Capability up to 5,000 ft. in Elevation

120V Control Power Transformer with Primary and Secondary Fusing

Operating Temperature -10° to 40° C

Operator Device Panel with Advanced Keypad and Heavy Duty 22mm 100,000 Hour Pilot Lights

Hot Emboss Stamped Wire Marking

Optional VFD System Features:

Bypass Contractor Arrangement

VFD Isolation Contactor / Switch

AC & DC Line Reactors

Integrated Pure Power II Harmonic Filter

Output dv/dt Filter

PLC or Custom System Control Package

10 or 20 Yr. Warranty TVSS Package

NEMA 3R & Various Other Enclosure & Configuration Options

Waste Water Treatment Plant VFD Panel

A metropolitan city municipal in Utah has been a repeated customer of’s MDI panels. This custom panel utilities different sizes of VFD for an entire sub-station, all controlled by an on-site PLC.

700 HP VFD Panel with Active Front End Unit (AFE)

A custom engineered solution used on a 2-mile long conveyor belt at a rock mining site. The integration of VFDs prevented the mining site from permanently shut down. Before the use of VFDs, the site was utilizing dump trucks to move rocks between a 2-mile stretch. By automating the site, the company was able to reduce operating cost by over $2 million per year and become sustainable.

BYU 18 Pulse Pump Panel

BYU 18 Pulse Pump Panel.

Galt 700 HP

700 HP NEMA 4 Panel for a water pump station. Using the competitive Galt Electric 860 Amp VFD.

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