Industry Spotlight: Using VFDs for Swimming Pool Filtration Systems

By Craig Hartman on 15th Sep 2020

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) provide immense savings and energy use reduction in swimming pool and filtration pump applications. Read below to learn more about the effect VFDs have on the way many pool and filtration systems operate more efficiently in the industry.


Without a VFD:

Pool filtration system pumps are often oversized to prepare for a worst-case-scenario of a clogged pool filter. The pump needs to be big enough to be able to pump water even through a completely clogged filter. Without a VFD, this means the oversized pump is constantly running at full speed which equates to wasted power, reduced lifespan of the pool filers and reduced lifespan of the pump itself. The hard starting and stopping of the pump motor also causes power surges which can be dangerous or harm equipment. Hard starting and stopping of the pool motor also causes wear and tear of the motor at an increased rate.

A pool filtration system equipped with an across the line starter instead of a VFD.


With a VFD:

VFDs in pool pump applications are able to cut electricity and maintenance costs monumentally. The VFD allows the pump, even if oversized, to be run at slower speeds using less electricity, and the VFD can easily change the pump speed depending on the pool’s conditions. When Filters get clogged and create more resistance on the pump, the VFD can ramp up the speed to maintain safe water circulation rates. The wear and tear on the actual pump motor is also drastically reduced while paired with a Variable Frequency Drive. By slowly ramping the motor up and down, the risk of power surges from hard starts is eliminated. The lifespan of the motor is also extended without hard starts and stops. Another benefit of using a VFD in a pool filter system is the ability to monitor, control, and troubleshoot the device remotely in real time.

It is easy to see why VFDs are becoming more popular in smaller applications like pool filtration systems. The cost and energy savings is immense, all while increasing the life of the pump motors and pool filters. VFDs are a smart energy solution to increase efficiency in any pool filtration system.


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