800HP 6600V Toshiba T300MVi Medium Voltage VFD, Inverter, AC Drive M3AS66080SAE (M3AS66080SAE)

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  • Three cables in, three cables out
  • 24-pulse harmonic cancellation complies with IEE-519 1992
  • Higher true factor (0.96) than running motors across-the-line
  • Small footprint through compact power modules, standard copper-wound isolation transformer, and air-cooling system
  • Robust, high-quality medium voltage IGBT technology, transistors, and control components
  • Advanced electronics to reduce component count
  • Additive multi-level PWM output voltage with no neutral shift
  • Ten year mean time between failures

Technical Specifications

Product Condition:
Horsepower Rating:
800 HP
HP Rating @ 120% OL:
800 HP
Rated Amps:
63 A
Amp Rating @ 120% OL:
63 A
Rated Voltage:
6600 V
Output Voltage:
6600 V
Output Amperage Rating:
63 A
Phase Rating:
3 Phase Input - 3 Phase Output
Three Phase
Enclosure Rating:
UL Type 1
Frame Size:
103.70 in

Product Information

TOSHIBA T300MVi Series

The T300MVi series medium voltage adjustable speed drive is the most technologically advanced VFD in the industry. Other drives fall short in offering state-of-the-art Pulse Width Modulation (PMW) paired with Neural-Point Clamping (NPC) technology. This revolutionary technology offers a lower component count, a smaller footprint, and additional cost savings. The drive also includes the newest technology for safety, making the T300MVi one of the safest products in the industry. This drive from Toshiba can be set-up with a simple turn-key configuration package, along with customizable packaging.


2400V at 300 to 3000HP
3300V at 300 to 8000HP
4160V at 300 to 11000HP
6600V at 300 to 9000HP

Standard Features

  • HP ratings above are for typical 4-pole motors.
  • Model numbers with an asterisk have a 110% OL rating:
    • 1000HP (Frame A4)
    • 2000HP (Frame B4/Frame 1)
    • 3000HP (Frame 2)
    • 4000HP (Frame 3)
    • 6000HP (Frame 4)
    • 8000HP (Frame G4P)
    • Dimensions do not include space required or clearance for airflow, door operation, etc.
    • Bypass Starter pricing is based on fixed contactors (not rack-out type). Please select required Motor Protection relay option.
    • Frame 1 drives with redundant fan option will increase in height by 7” over the standard model.
    • Weights and dimensions are subject to change.
    • Frame H4P – consult factory for update on UL status.
    • Frame 0 and 1 still available upon request.
    • 6000 HP with ‘X’ has bypass contactors. Bypass 6000 HP (720 A) and below are contactors. Bypass 6000 HP (744 A) to 11,000 HP are breakers; rear access needed. Breakers are SCCR rating 33 kA.