5600HP 13800V Hyundai N5000 Medium Voltage VFD, Inverter, AC Drive N5000-4170U6

Model: N5000-4170U6
Condition: New
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Technical Specifications
Phase Three Phase
Phase Rating 3 Phase Input - 3 Phase Output
Series N5000
Enclosure Rating IP 41
Horsepower Rating 5600 HP
Rated Voltage 13800 V
Product Condition New
Output Voltage 13800 V
Output Amperage Rating 219 A
Rated Amps 219 A
HP Rating @ 120% OL 5600 HP
Amp Rating @ 120% OL 219 A
Model N5000-4170U6
Height 123.23 in
Width 212.6 in
Depth 88.58 in
Product Information

HYUNDAI N5000 Series

High Performance and Efficiency

  • Power Factor: over 0.95
    • No requirements for power factor correction capacitor
    • System Efficiency: over 96%
      • System efficiency is improved by connecting the power and motor without input-output filter and output transformer

Clean Power Input

  • A clean input wave is achieved via a secondary phase-shifted transformer
  • Without a filter, N5000 meets the stringent harmonic requirements of IEEE-519 (1992)
  • Protects the other equipment from harmonic disturbance

Supplies of Clean Power for Motors

  • Output waveforms, without a filter, are close to sine waves due to multiple PWM control
    • No cable length & motor type restrictions
    • Existing motor can be used without modifications
    • Reduced noise and vibration of motors
    • 3.3kV - 13 level/6.6kV - 25 level output

Small footprint and economical maintenance

  • Small footprint and reduced installation costs due to no requirements for ancillary equipment such as input & output filter and the integral structure incorporating the input transformer and inverter panel
  • Thanks to the modular single-phase inverter of draw-out type, easy maintenance and time saving are achieved.

Outstanding operation features by the improved sensorless vector control

  • Energy saving V/F control for the fluid load (Fan, Pump)
  • Inherent speed sensorless vector control of N5000
    • High starting torque operation
    • Control of current, speed and vibration of motor at the low speed range of light duty
    • Quick torque responsiveness and improved speed precision
    • Strong control regardless of motor specifications

Functions for trip-free operation (Option)

Improved Cell Bypass

  • In case of cell failure during operation, the faulty cell will be bypassed and the neutral point will be shifted (balance is restored through angle adjustment). 92% of the rated voltage can be output after the failure of one cell.

Redundant Inverter Controller

  • If the master controller is out of service during operation, output is generated due to automatic switching to the slave controller

Redundant Fiber-Optic Cable for CAN Communication

  • If there are problems with the optic cable during operation, an automatic switching to the standby reserve optical communication H/W is made

Redundant Control Power

  • The redundant control power module is equipped with AC 440V and DC 120V and monitors the control power. In case of the failure of a control power module, an automatic switching to the reserve module is made

Certification (Korea Electro-Technology Research Institute)

Performance Test: Harmonics, Power Factor & Control

Environmental Tests of Cell Inverter and Control Parts: Constant Temperature, Vibration, EMI/EMC


Inverter Operation Status Display

  • Operation frequency, input-output voltage, output current
  • Input-output of external signals
  • Warning status

Inverter Fault Display

  • Fault type
  • Time of Fault
  • Operating frequency at time of fault
  • Voltage and current at time of fault

Optional User Friendly PC-based Console (Option)

  • Remote operation and monitoring via laptop or desktop
  • Easy parameter setting and monitoring
  • Multiple communication interfaces (RS-232, RS-485, MODBUS)
  • Custom-made MMI display and upgrade support

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