How to Program the Mitsubishi A800 Series VFD (Video)

By Craig Hartman on 8th Aug 2014

Video Transcript

Hi, Craig Hartman from Today we are going to learn how to program the Mitsubishi high-performance A800 Series variable frequency drive.

This is the Mitsubishi A800. That’s a high-performance drive, it’s 480 volts, and we have it wired into the wall here and then wired out to a motor. This is the DU08 (FR-DU08) keypad. That’s the standard keypad that comes with the drive. The first thing we need to look at is what is controlling the drive. Right now you can see the light, it’s in external mode, which means it would be controlled with dry contacts and analog signals. Net mode would be communications. We are going to put it in the parameter unit mode so that we can control it from the parameter unit. I push “PU External” (“PU EXT”) and we see that it switches to the parameter unit mode. The next thing I’m going to do is push “MODE” until I see this “P”. That is a programming parameter.

I’m going to go down to parameter 1 and I will push set. Parameter 1 is the maximum frequency. Let’s set this for 60, the faster you turn the wheel, the quicker the numbers change. We’ll put that down to about 60 so it will not go over 60 Hertz, that is the max on frequency. I push “SET” again and it blinks, indicating that has set.

The next thing we’ll do is go to parameter 2, that is the minimum frequency. It is set now for 19 Hertz, let’s change that to 20 Hertz. That way, no matter what you tell it, it’ll never go slower than 20 Hertz. We get that on 20, we press “SET”, it blinks, it is now set.

Parameter 3 is your frequency. That’s set for 60 Hertz and that is correct for this application, so we’ll leave that where it is.

Next, I’ll go to the parameters and I’ll go up here to parameter 7 by turning the wheel. This is my acceleration time. We push “SET”, it’s set for 24 seconds. Let’s reduce that down to about 16 seconds, so I’ll put that at 16 seconds. I press “SET”, and our acceleration time is now 16 seconds, it will go from zero to full speed in 16 seconds.

I push that again and it goes to parameter 8. Parameter 8 is my deceleration time. That’s set for 24 seconds, let’s move that out to 36 seconds. Press “SET” again and it takes that number.

Now, we go to parameter 9. Parameter 9 is the motor full load amps. Look on the motor nameplate and let’s say the motor full load amps is 1.7. So, we’ll put that down to 1.7, and then we will “SET” that. It’s not 1.7 amps.

The next thing we’ll go to is parameter 19. Parameter 19 is our base frequency voltage. In other words, the voltage of the motor nameplate. I press “SET”, and it is set for the default of 999 (999.9). I’m going to set this down to 460 volts, which is the motor that I have hooked up to this drive. We go down here to 460, press “SET”, and it is now set for 460 volts.

Finally, we want to go to parameter 14. 14 tells us whether that’s a constant or a variable frequency drive. In this case it’s set for variable frequency drive, I’m going to change that to zero, which puts it in constant torque mode – and “SET” that. With the mode, we simply put it back to zero, I turn this wheel to whatever speed I want to go to – I’ll just set that for 45 Hertz – press “SET”. I’ve now set that for 45 Hertz and when I press run, you may be able to hear the motor start, and it will ramp up in a period of 16 seconds to the speed that we have set. If we want to stop, we simply press “STOP”.

So there it is, very simply: programming of the A800 Mitsubishi series drives.